New Idea and WHO have celebrated the historical birth of the royal baby with special souvenir editions.

The New Idea team produced the exclusive updated issue just hours after Kate and Wills showed off the new prince on the steps of the London hospital – and were the first magazine in the country to release a special edition about the birth of the new royal baby boy.

Louisa Hatfield, GM, Family and Entertainment

New Idea Souvenir Issue

“These gorgeous souvenir issues from New Idea and WHO, complete with stunning photographs and behind-the-scenes details, tap into our readers’ enduring love affair with the young royal family,” comments Louisa Hatfield, GM, Family and Entertainment.

New Idea is Australia’s only magazine to produce a special updated royal baby issue, with the souvenir issue available in selected regions. This is only the second time in the last five years the magazine has gone on sale twice in the same week due to coverage of breaking news.

Frances Sheen, editor, New Idea, adds: “With royal fever building ahead of next month’s wedding, it’s the perfect time for New Idea to cater to the intrigue and joy that comes with the birth of a new royal baby.

“This special edition will capture an audience spanning generations, with beautiful photographic reportage, quirky details and a timeless tribute to the debut of the beautiful new Prince.”

Who Souvenir Issue

WHO is on sale today, with a full cover and dedicated pages on Kate and William’s second born son.

Emma Nolan, editor in chief, WHO, says, “We poured over every beautiful image long into the wee hours of Tuesday morning, loving each-and-every candid moment captured. From Charlotte’s cute wave to the crowd, to Kate’s loving look at her third child, this is a special time in history and one which royal fans love turning to our magazine brands for.”

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Published on: 27 April 2018