We believe powerful brands create powerful audiences

We blend strategy, creativity, media and technology with data, insights and real time accountability to create commercial solutions that cut through a crowded marketplace.

Our work is underpinned by verified and deterministic data to provide market leading precision targeting for advertisers.

We help marketers get closer to their audience and demystify market complexity and fragmentation.

Pacific Personas

Our team of data scientists analyse data from SWM PII, online site visitation, video and editorial consumption, EDM subscribers, offline magazine subscriptions, OTT TV viewing behavior cross-referenced with 2nd party data partnerships.

We further understand our audience based on content consumption, viewing habits and offline purchase behaviour to provide powerful and unique segmentation profiles from the Household CEO to Luxury Spenders.

A snapshot of Pacific Personas:

  • Healthy Minded
  • Household CEO
  • Style Shoppers
  • Food Fan
  • Beauty Mavens
  • Luxury
  • Powerful Women
  • Home Pride

Digital Solutions

Every industry is changing rapidly and the media landscape is no different. Without change, there is no innovation, creativity or incentive for improvement. Our mindset has shifted from being traditional to dynamic. From tested to test and learn. For parts of our business the new normal is living in beta mode, constantly trialing new ways to connect with our growing audiences.

We have recently launched over 20 new digital products, with investment in ad technology, data capabilities, content integration and systems to ensure we are delivering best-in-market digital solutions.

We also offer a range of commercial video solutions, including – vertical video, custom, targeted and shoppable video, Facebook Live, 360 video, interactive and in-read – and have a format for every commercial brief.


Pacific dominates the key publishing categories it operates in and publishes more than one in four magazines sold in Australia – including two of the three biggest selling weekly titles: New Idea and that’s life!.

We are now reaching 35 per cent of all Australians (aged 14+) every month. The company’s portfolio of titles also reaches 51 per cent of all women and 19 per cent of all men every month. This enhances our ability to reach all Australians, extend our brand and content, and create integrated marketing solutions for advertisers.

Our print publications:


Through the powerful and influential brands that sit within the Pacific’s stable, we have cultivated a social footprint of over 15 million highly engaged followers. Through these audiences, focused around passion points, we have welcomed our clients to access these audiences through exciting content partnerships with us. We pride ourselves on our deep understanding of each of our audiences across all social channels. Utilising data and learnings to create and amplify hyper relevant content to our audiences, we deliver time and time again for our clients.

Through our product suite of native social integration, we create and deliver first to market content that resonates with our audiences to drive engagement. From Facebook Lives, to flat lays, video content, drivers and many more, our clients can tap into our audiences in a meaningful way to drive the results that they are looking for.

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