Lexus: Specifications
Lexus: Specifications
Full Page285x240265x220275x230
Double Page Spread285x480265x440275x460
Technical Information

Double Page Spread advertisements should be supplied as single pages. Register and trim marks must appear on all artwork. A minimum of 10mm on each edge is required on all bleed around advertisements. All reverse lettering is to be no less than 10pt type.

It is recommended that where coloured panels join, the dominant colour be enlarged (reverse choked) to create a slight overlap of the two colours that connect. This will help minimise registration problems.

The maximum total ink coverage should be 290%.

Where there are images running through a DPS advert, the spread should carry a 6mm common image through the centre of the spread, allowing for double imaging. It is recommended that any critical crossovers be double imaged across the gutter.

Pacific Plus will not be responsible for any elements trimming off the page if they do not fall within the live area specified for the publication.

Colour proofs: 3DAP Colour proofs (at actual size) must accompany all ads. Colour laser proofs are a rough guide only and not to be relied on for colour accuracy. Pacific Plus will not be held responsible for any colour inaccuracy on final printed artwork if a 3DAP proof is not supplied with artwork.

Pacific Plus requires advertising material to be supplied via electronic transfer Quickcut. You must be using Quickprint 3.0.5 or higher. For clients who are unfamiliar with Quickcut, you may wish to contact the following company who will assist you with sending files and proofs through Quickcut to your specified publication.


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Digital Ads

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We do not accept artwork supplied via email under any circumstances.

Production Material Enquiries.

Rosie Dimopoulos

Production Manager

phone: (02) 9394 2959