Virgin Australia Voyeur: Specifications
Virgin Australia Voyeur: Specifications
Full Page280 x 215240 x 175270 x 205
Half Page Horizontal144 x 215104 x 175134 x 205
Half Page Vertical280 x 112240 x 72270 x 102
Third Page Horizontal100 x 21570 x 17590 x 205
Third Page Vertical280 x 78240 x 48270 x 68
Technical Information

Files are to be supplied as CMYK and 300dpi.

No calibrated colour is accepted.

• Trim marks and Bleed must be added to all artwork according to our specifications.

• A minimum of 5mm bleed on each edge is required on Full Page & DPS bleed advertisements only.

• Broken Space advertising do not have bleed areas specified, only live/type areas.

• All reverse lettering is to be no less than 10pt type. No True Type fonts are accepted.

• It is recommended that where coloured panels join, the dominant colour be enlarged (reverse choked) to create a slight overlap of the two colours that connect. This will help minimise registration problems.

• The maximum total ink coverage should be 280 percent.

• Pacific+ send all files to print as single page ads.

• Pacific+ will not be responsible for any elements trimming off the page if they do not fall within the live area specified for the publication.

• Double Page Spread ads must be supplied as single page files. We will not accept DPS artwork or manlipulate DPS artwork.

• Colour proofs: 3DAP Colour proofs (at actual size) must accompany all ads. Colour laser proofs are a rough guide only and not to be relied on for colour accuracy. Pacific+ will not be held responsible for any colour inaccuracy on final printed artwork if a 3DAP proof is not supplied with artwork. Colour proofs are to be delivered to the address below:

• We do not accept artwork via email under any circumstances.

Double Imaging DPS Artwork

Due to the print and binding process, any images that are across the gutter (middle) of a double page spread are "pulled" into the spine.

This may result in a loss of image and cause images to misalign. To compensate for this,

Double Imaging is required on all DPS artwork  if an image/text is running through the gutter of a spread.

The clearance space should be a minimum of 6mm (3mm of double image incorporated into the overall image of each page) - a 3mm band of the image on the inside margin of the left page (closest to the gutter) is repeated on the inside section of the right page, and vice versa.

The spread will carry a 6mm double image in the spine, as shown in the diagram.



Attn: Production Department Media City - level 4 West, 8 Central Avenue, Eveleigh, NSW 2015

Pacifc+ requires advertising material to be supplied via electronic transfer Quickcut.

A charge may be incurred to use the service. You must be using Quickprint 3.0.5 or higher. For clients unfamiliar with Quickcut, you may wish to contact the following company which will assist you with sending files and proofs through Quickcut to your specified publication. Digital Ads, 170 Harris Street, Pyrmont NSW, 2009 P:9552 4733 F:9552 4766 W:


Production Material Enquiries: Rosie Dimopoulos. (02) 9394 2959, Production Manager. E:



We do not accept artwork supplied via E-mail and/or Disk under any circumstances.

Supplying composite PDF files:
Print ready PDF's supplied on disk only are accepted. (Not via E-mail)
Files are to be supplied as CMYK and 300dpi. No TrueType Fonts or calibrated colour is accepted.
Trim marks and Bleed must be added to all artwork according to our specifications.

Print Production
Megan Cosgrove
Phone: (02) 9394 2681

Advertising Production
Alahna Fry
Phone: (02) 9394 2690