Who: Rates
Who: Pages
Full Page15,23814,78114,47614,01913,41012,95312,49612,03811,581
Early RHP17,52416,99816,64716,12215,42214,89614,37013,84413,318
Outside Back Cover20,57119,95419,54318,92618,10417,48716,87016,25115,634
Full Page in Special Issue16,76216,25915,92415,42114,75114,24813,74613,24212,739
Early RHP in Special Issue19,27618,69818,31217,73416,96416,38615,80715,22814,650
Who: Spreads
IFC Spread38,09536,95336,19035,04833,52532,38331,24030,09528,953
DPS in Special Issue33,52432,51831,84730,84229,50228,49727,49126,48425,478
IFC Spread in Special Issue41,90540,64839,80938,55236,87835,62134,36433,10531,848
Who: State Pages
State PagesCasual6x12x18x24x30x36x42x48x
Plate Changes2,2602,2602,2602,2602,2602,2602,2602,2602,260
NSW Only Page8,3818,1307,9627,7107,3767,1246,8736,6216,370
VIC Only Page6,0955,9125,7905,6085,3645,1814,9984,8154,632
SA/WA Page5,3335,1735,0674,9074,6944,5344,3744,2134,053
QLD Page6,0955,9125,7905,6085,3645,1814,9984,8154,632
Who: Broken Space
Broken SpaceCasual6x12x18x24x30x36x42x48x
Half Page11,42911,08610,85710,51410,0589,7159,3729,0298,686
1/3 Page8,3818,1307,9627,7107,3767,1246,8736,6216,370
3cm Double Page Strip10,66710,34710,1339,8139,3879,0678,7478,4278,107

- Based on a print run of 200,000
- All inserts above 16 pages are price on application
- All bound inserts must have a back up page of advertising
- All inserts must be pre-tested by the production department
- Minimum untrimmed size 150mm x 105mm
- Maximum untrimmed size 289mm x 229mm
- Minimum insert size: 160mm x 115mm
- Maximum insert size: 245mm x 195mm
- All inserts are subject to meeting specifications and may require testing.

Delivery Address:
Att: Kurt Sorenson

Hannan Print

Receiving Dock, Door 5, 23 Scrivener Street, Warwick Farm, 2170 

Who: Loose & Bound Inserts
Loose & Bound InsertsInsertsInserts
2 Pages( Loose Insert only)85 per thousandMin spend $4,000
4 Pages95 per thousandMin spend $4,000
8 Pages120 per thousandMin spend $4,000
12 Pages150 per thousandMin spend $4,000
16 Pages190 per thousandMin spend $4,000
Who: %
IFC Spread25%
Upfront spread prior contents20%
1st Half RHP15%
1st Half DPS15%
Opposite Contents20%
Opposite Eds Letter20%
Consec RHP Pages15%