Famous: Rates
Famous: Rate Card
Rate CardCasual4x8x16x32x52x
Full Page9,7009,4609,2158,7308,2457,760
Half Page6,7906,6206,4506,1105,7705,430
Third Page5,3355,2005,0704,8004,5354,270
Double Page Spread19,40018,91518,43017,46016,49015,520
Inside Front Cover Spread20,88520,33519,81018,77017,73016,685
Outside Back Cover12,61012,29511,98011,35010,72010,090
Inside Back Cover11,64011,35011,06010,4759,8959,310
Opp Ed's Letter11,64011,35011,06010,4759,8959,310
DPS Prior Contents23,28022,70022,11520,95019,79018,625
1st Half RHP11,15510,87510,60010,0409,4808,925
1st Half DPS22,31021,75021,19520,08018,96517,850
State Page3,880

Rates and deadlines: all rates shown are exclusive of GST - upon invoicing, GST will be added.
Cancellation: deadline is four weeks prior to FPC ad close.
Special inserts: specifications on application.

*Please note all Sponsorships are to be confrimed 10 weeks prior to on sale

Famous: Premium Position Loadings
Premium Position Loadings%
Inside Front Cover Spread30%
Outside Back Cover30%
Inside Back Cover20%
Opposite Eds Letter15%
DPS Prior Contents20%
1st Half RHP15%
1st Half DPS15%
Consecutive RHP15%
Famous: Loose Bound Insert Rate
Loose Bound Insert Rate$/000
2 Pages$80
4 Pages$90
8 Pages$100
12 Pages$115
16 Pages$135
24 PagesPOA