Total Girl: Rates
Total Girl: Page Rates
Page RatesCasual3x6x9x12x
Full Page5,7105,6005,4905,0404,590
Half Page3,9903,9203,8403,5303,210
Inside Front Cover Spread14,28014,00013,73012,60011,480
Inside Back Cover6,5706,4406,3155,8005,280
Outside Back Cover6,8606,7206,8606,0505,510
Centre Spread12,44011,31011,20010,87010,530
Poster One Sided18,260
Poster Two Sided23,520
Total Girl Value PackFPC in mag + 65,000 imp online $6,800
Total Girl: Loadings
Inside Front Cover Spread25%
Inside Back Cover15%
Outside Back Cover20%
Prior to content20%
Total Girl: Inserts (Loose & Bound)
Inserts (Loose & Bound)2 Page 4 Page6 Page8 Page12 Page16 Page24 Page
National $/00060708090100110120
Rates effective 1st July 2010.
Total Girl: Online Rates
Online RatesAd UnitPlacementRateNotes
Medium RectangleRun of$30 CPMCreative supplied by client
North LeaderboardRun of$25 CPMCreative supplied by client
South LeaderboardRun of$15 CPMCreative supplies by client
Video AdEmbedded video player$65 CPMCreative supplied by client
OTP / Floating AdK-Zone Homepage$80 CPMCreative supplied by client
Newsletter MentionWeekly newsletter$2,000Up to four mentions per week
Sponsored NewsletterWeekly newsletter$4,000Mention plus header logo
Dedicated NewsletterExclusive$5,000Two available per month
AdvertorialRelevant section$3,500Includes $1,500 media
Photo Gallery Relevant section$4,500Includes $1,500 media
Competition PageCompetitions $3,500Includes $1,500 media
GameGames$11,500Includes $1,500 media
QuizRelevant section$6,500Includes $1,500 media
MicrositeRelevant section$25,000Includes $1,500 media