marie claire: Rates
marie claire: Page Rates
Page RatesCasual3x6x9x12x18x24x
Full Page20,60120,08719,57219,05818,54318,02917,514
Upfront Signature Position*25,75125,10924,46523,82323,17922,53621,893
Right First Half Guaranteed22,66122,09621,52920,96420,39719,83219,265
Upfront DPS**47,38246,20045,01643,83342,64941,46740,282
Third Page9,2709,0398,8078,5768,3448,1137,881
Inside Front Cover Spread55,62354,23552,84451,45750,06648,67847,288
Inside Back Cover24,72124,10423,48622,87022,25221,63521,017
Outside Back Cover27,81127,11726,42225,72825,03324,33923,644

Rates effective from May Issue 2011 (including GST)

Guaranteed positions 15% loading applies. $AUD.

* Signature positions - Contents, Masthead, Letters, Contributors, On location.
** Upfront double page spread - 1st to 5th spreads.  

Broken Space

- Please contact your account manager for additional broken space options.Prices on application.
- Broken space deadline is two weeks before as close deadline.


- Based on a print run of 160,000
- All inserts above 16 pages are price on application
- All bound inserts must have a back up page of advertising
- All inserts must be pre-tested by the production department
- Minimum size 152mm x 139m

- Maximum size 297mm x 220mm

Scent Strips $19,970                    
Bounce Back Cards $18,710

Delivery Address: 
37  Browns Road

marie claire: Inserts
Inserts2 Page 4 Page8 Page12 Page16 Page
National $/000156235398534633