Home Beautiful: Rates
Home Beautiful: Page Rates
Page RatesCasual3x6x12x18x24x
Full Page9,4298,9578,7208,4798,0177,544
Half Page5,6555,3705,2305,0904,8054,525
Third Page4,2434,0313,9243,8163,6083,395
Double Page Spread18,85817,91417,44016,95816,03415,088
Inside Front Cover Spread24,51523,28822,67222,04520,84419,614
Early Right Hand Page10,84310,30110,0289,7519,2208,676
Inside Back Cover11,31510,74810,46410,1759,6209,053
Outside Cover12,25811,64411,33611,02310,4229,807

All rates GST exclusive, All rates $AUD and effective as of January 2012 Issue.

Home Beautiful: Inserts
Inserts2 Page4 Page6 Page8 Page12 Page16 Page24 Page
National $/000100110126136158168205
Subscribers $/000200220252272316336410
Bound Inserts add 25%125137.50157.50170197.50210256.25
Home Beautiful: Premium Position Loading
Premium Position LoadingLoadings
Inside Front Cover Spread30%
Outside Back Cover30%
Inside Back Cover20%
Prior Contents20%
Opposite Contents20%
Opposite Editor's Letter20%
First Half DPS15%
First Half RHP15%
Consecutive RHP15%