K-Zone: Rates
K-Zone: Page Rates
Page RatesCasual3x6x9x12x
Full Page6,5606,2505,9405,6605,390
Half Page4,5904,3804,1603,9603,770
Centre Spread14,44013,75013,07012,45011,860
Right First Half Guaranteed6,9006,5606,2505,9405,660
Inside Front Cover Spread16,41015,63014,86014,15013,460
Inside Back Cover7,5407,8106,8306,5106,200
Outside Back Cover7,8707,5007,1306,7906,470
Poster One Sided19,690
Poster Two Sided24,940
K-Zone Value PackFPC in mag + 65,000 imp online $7,500
K-Zone: Loadings
Inside Front Cover Spread25%
Inside Back Cover15%
Outside Back Cover20%
Prior to content20%
K-Zone: Inserts (Loose & Bound)
Inserts (Loose & Bound)2 Page4 Page6 Page8 Page12 Page16 Page24 Page
National $/00060708090100110120
Rates effective 1st July 2010.
K-Zone: Online Rates
Online RatesAd UnitPlacementRateNotes
Medium RectangleRun of$30 CPMCreative supplied by client
North LeaderboardRun of$25 CPMCreative supplied by client
South LeaderboardRun of$15 CPMCreative supplies by client
Video AdEmbedded video player$65 CPMCreative supplied by client
OTP / Floating AdK-Zone Homepage$80 CPMCreative supplied by client
Newsletter MentionWeekly newsletter$2,000 Up to four mentions per week
Sponsored NewsletterWeekly newsletter$4,000Mention plus header logo
Dedicated NewsletterExclusive$5,000Two available per month
AdvertorialRelevant section$3,500Includes $1,500 media
Photo Gallery Relevant section$4,500Includes $1,500 media
Competition PageCompetitions $3,500Includes $1,500 media
GameGames$11,500Includes $1,500 media
QuizRelevant section$6,500Includes $1,500 media
MicrositeRelevant section$25,000Includes $1,500 media