Better Homes and Gardens: Rates
Better Homes and Gardens: Page Rates
Page RatesCasualx2x4x8x12x20x25
Double Page Spread59,67458,18256,69455,20453,71452,22450,734
Right, First Half Guaranteed32,82132,00031,18230,36229,54328,72327,904
Full Page29,83729,09128,34727,60226,85726,11225,367
Half Page17,90217,45517,00816,56116,11415,66715,220
Third Page11,93511,63611,33911,04110,74310,44510,147
Inside Front Cover Spread77,57669,81868,03366,24564,45762,66960,881
Inside Back Cover35,80434,90934,01633,12232,22831,33430,440
Outside Back Cover38,78837,81836,85135,88334,91433,94632,977
Better Homes and Gardens: Premium Position Loading
Premium Position LoadingLoadings
Inside Front Cover Spread30%
Outside Back Cover30%
Inside Back Cover20%
Upfront spread prior contents20%
First Half RHP15%
First Half DPS15%
Opposite Contents20%
Opposite Editor's Letter20%
Consec RHP Pages15%

Rates and deadlines: All Rates shown are exclusive of GST-upon invoicing, GST will be added.

Cancellation: deadline is four weeks prior to FPC ad close.

Special inserts:specifications on application.

Loadings: special placement is offered with a minimum 10% loading.

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