that's life!: Rates
that's life!: Page Rates
Page RatesCasualLevel 1Level 2level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
Full Page13,84013,49513,14012,80012,45011,76011,065
Half Page8,3008,0957,8857,6807,4707,0556,640
Third Page6,2306,0705,9155,7605,6005,2904,980
Double Page Spread27,68026,99026,28025,60024,90023,52022,130
Inside Front Cover*16,60516,19015,77015,36014,93514,11013,280
Inside Back Cover15,91515,51515,11014,72014,31513,52512,725
Outside Back Cover17,99017,54017,08516,64016,18015,29014,385
These are the current rates for that's life! All rates GST exclusive, $AUD and effective 1 Jan 2012.

All guaranteed positioning attracts a 15% loading. * Inside Front Cover subject to editorial approval. Mono and state rates are available on request.
Inserts are limited and specific instructions apply. Maximum insert weights apply and samples are required prior to final confirmation.
Special Pacific Weekly Duo incentives apply to deals also involving New Idea.

For more information or Directory Advertising enquiries, please contact  Rochelle Thompson, that's life! National Advertising Manager on (02) 9394 2273.

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