Diabetic Living: Rates
Diabetic Living: Rate Card
Rate CardCasual2x3x4x6x8x10x12x14x
Double Page Spread16,25215,84415,44015,03214,62614,22013,81413,40613,002
Full Page8,1267,9227,7207,5167,3137,1106,9076,7036,501
Half Page5,6885,5455,4045,2615,1194,9774,8354,6924,551
Third Page4,4694,3574,2464,1344,0223,9113,7993,6873,576
Inside Front Cover Spread21,12820,59720,07219,54219,01418,48617,95817,42816,903
Inside Back Cover9,7519,5069,2649,0198,7768,5328,2888,0447,801
Outside Back Cover10,56410,29910,0369,7719,5079,2438,9798,7148,451
RHP First Half9,3459,1108,8788,6438,4108,1777,9437,7087,476
Diabetic Living: Premium Position Loadings
Premium Position LoadingsLoadings
Inside Front Cover30%
Outside Back Cover30%
Inside Back Cover20%
Upfront Spread Prior Contents20%
First Half RHP15%
First Half DPS15%
Opposite Contents20%
Opposite Editor's Letter20%
Consec RHP Pages15%

Insert Specifications

PLEASE NOTE: Multiple page insert pricing is subject to conditions. For more information please contact Diabetic Living advertising.


Rates and Deadlines: All rates shown are exclusive of GST-upon invoicing GST will be added.

Cancellation: deadline is four weeks prior to FPC ad close.

Special inserts: specifications on application.

Loadings:special placement is offered with minimum 10% loading.

Diabetic Living: INSERTS
National $/00095105121131POAPOA
State $/000100110126137POAPOA
Subscriptions $/000231242252263POAPOA