Your Garden: Rates
Your Garden: Four Colour
Four ColourLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4
Full Page3,8053,6153,4303,050
Double Page Spread7,6107,2756,8506,120
Half Page2,2852,1702,0551,830
Third Page1,7101,6301,5401,370
Quarter Page1,3301,2651,2001,065
Your Garden: Insert Rates
Insert Rates2 Page4 Page6 Page8 Page12 Page16 Page24 Page
National $/000100110126136158168205
Subscribers $/000200220252272316336410
Bound Inserts add 25%125137.50157.50170197.50210256.25
All rates GST exclusive, All rates $AUD and effective as of January 2012 Issue.
Your Garden: Premium Position Loadings
Premium Position LoadingsLoadings
Inside Front Cover Spread30%
Outside Back Cover30%
Inside Back Cover20%
First Half RHP15%