family circle: Media Kit
family circle: Advertising Rate
Advertising RateCasual
Casual Rate Full Page$7,000
Casual Rate Double Page Spread$14,000
family circle: Specifications
Full Page285 x 220245 x 180275 x 210
Half Page Horizontal146 x 220106 x 180136 x 210
Half Page Vertical285 x 115245 x 75275 x 105
Third Page Horizontal101 x 22061 x 18091 x 210
Third Page Vertical285 x 80245 x 40275 x 70
Technical Information

Family Circle is a Perfect Bound Magazine
Trim Size: 275mm x 210mm

Technical Information
Pacific Magazines will only accept advertising material via Quickcut. Supply of media via other means such as FTP, CD or Email is forbidden and will be rejected by Pacific Magazines.
The supplier of the digital media is responsible for all aspects of the files supplied.

For more information regarding Quickcut please contact:
Quickcut: (02) 9467 7500
Tech Support: (02) 9467 7599

General Specifications:
1. Media is to be supplied to the correct publication page size. Taking special care to include bleed, trim and registration marks. (Minimum bleed size is 3mm. Trim and registration marks must lay 6mm outside of the trim)
2. PDF files need to be supplied as single page files. File names should start with P001_ for the first page and P002_ for the second page for a double page spread.
3. Avoid running type across the gutter of a double page spread.
4. All type must be a minimum of 8pt and 10pt for reversed type
5. All fonts need to be embedded into the PDF file
6. Files must be saved in CMYK format. RGB or LAB colour formats will be rejected
7. Images need to be of a minimum 260dpi at print size.
8. Solid black panels or backgrounds should carry 40% Cyan to reinforce the black print
9. Total ink limit should be between 280-310% with a black limit of 90% (medium GCR)
10. All 4 colour black and white images should use UCR

Quicksend specifications
· Page must include required bleed as per publication specification.
· PDF's page must be CROPPED (in Acrobat) to BLEED size, contain no crop or registration marks.
For more information, please click link below
To ensure accurate colour reproduction, Pacific Magazines recommends a 3DAPv3 approved digital proof.
Please Check Publication Specifications for Correct Paper Type
From April 2nd 2009 Printers and publishers will only be accepting 3DAPv3 proofs. Please see for more details

3DAPv3 Colour Proofs:
1. Colour proofs must be created at 100% in size and accompany any supplied material.
2. In order to verify the proof, it will need to contain the 3DAPv3 control strip
3. Tearsheets or colour laser prints are NOT acceptable forms of proofs
4. If a 3DAPv3 colour proof is not supplied, Pacific Magazines or the Printer will not accept responsibility for the printed result of the supplied advertising.
5. The proof must be setup to the correct paper type of the magazine and section

Print Production
Mark Boorman
Phone: (02) 9394 2687

Advertising Production
Alahna Fry
Phone: (02) 9394 2690



Whilst the internal production process may verify that material is within specification the onus is placed firmly on tradehouse/sender to supply material to specification. It is also a requirement that advertising material is delivered on time so quality measures can take place. Late material may miss these checking procedures which could pick up possible problems/errors.

Pacific Magazines reserves the right to refuse any material that does not meet the required Specifications.

family circle: Deadlines
Issue NameOn Sale DateBooking DateMaterial Date
Winter 201724-Apr-201703-Mar-201710-Mar-2017
Winter 201816-Apr-201823-Feb-201802-Mar-2018
Christmas 201822-Oct-201831-Aug-201807-Sep-2018
Please contact your Pacific Account Manager for more information on this magazine's audience.
family circle: Contacts
Alison KirkmanNational Business Integration ManagerNSW02 9394 2033Email contact
Phoebe GoldieAdvertising Co-ordinatorNSW02 9394 2276Email contact
Cara Zaetta-ThomasManaging EditorNSW(02) 9394 2487Email contact
Rebecca ProkopDeputy Print Operations ManagerNSW02 9394 2959Email contact
Julia ZaettaEditor-in-ChiefNSW(02) 9394 2870Email contact