Want to know how to talk to teens? Pick up a copy of Girlfriend magazine. Consider us your teenglish translator, your acronym specialists and your insider into the teen demographic.

As a multi-award-winning brand, Girlfriend is an innovator, and for advertisers this means that they'll not only get the best inside info on all things teen, but it will always be delivered in a fresh, witty and fun way that our readers will love.

At Girlfriend we're living every pimple, first crush and 'rents-related drama as if it were the first time. We get how stressful teen life is these days with juggling school, friends, family, boys - and status updates. We know how terrifying body freakouts are, and we know getting your celeb crush to follow you on Twitter is just as important as getting your first kiss. We know because we've been there, and now we want to share our knowledge with every GF reader.

Smart, witty and more than a little cheeky, Girlfriend is unique because we talk to - never down to - our readers, and you can always trust us to deliver the information teens want and need.

But, most importantly, we take teens seriously and we're always on their side.

Quick Facts
Frequency: Seasonal
Readership: 186,000 (emmaTM Dec 2015)
Core target: Girls 14-17 yrs
Content: Teen Lifestyle
Editor: Tamara Davis
Group Sales Director: Lisa Day