New Idea

At New Idea we are passionately devoted to producing a weekly magazine that meets the needs and interests of women in Australia. Our readers  expect to be informed, entertained and enlightened. They want good value - and good values! New Idea has been loved by generations of Australia women and I'm very aware of the responsibility that comes with editing such a heritage brand in a modern world. I am working with a fantastic, committed team and together we always aim to create a magazine that our readers will both love and trust. The weekly magazine market is highly competitive and fast-moving - and New Idea has constantly evolved to meet the changing needs and lives of its readers. I am dedicated     to ensuring that New Idea continues to have relevance and meaning for women in Australia for years to come.

Quick Facts
Frequency: Weekly
Australian Circulation: 250,111 (ABC Sep 2015)
Readership: 1,775,000 (emmaTM Sep 2015)
Core target: All women 25- 54
Content: Celebrity, news and lifestyle
Editor-in-Chief: Louisa Hatfield
Advertising Director: Kylie Gibson
National Advertising Manager: Katherine Pfahl
Monthly Consumer Contact: 4.4 Million*
Source: *Nielson Netview Hybrid: Sept 2015; Google Analytics Oct 2015, Social Media stats updated as at 2 Nov 2015, emmaTM readership September