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Examples of studies and research opportunities exclusive to Pacific Magazines:

Acorn Panel

Pacific Magazines have a wealth of consumer involvement and information within the company, collected from a myriad of sources including our primary research and our editorial and brand interaction with readers. Each of our magazines have a unique connection with its readers. Many of these consumers are more than happy to give their opinion, not only on the content of the magazine, but on a much wider range of topics. 

To share this 'goldmine' of consumer involvement, Pacific Insights can provide feedback on advertiser issues and topics as part of our partnerships. 'Acorn Ideas' - Pacific Insights online panel allows Australians to share their thoughts and opinions on anything and everything that they have a point of view about. This gives us an ongoing dialogue with readers on our brands, social issues and advertising impressions.

BAM is an award winning Australian magazine research program that measures readers’ response to advertising in magazines.  It is an ongoing research program that is exclusive to Pacific Magazines, and is endorsed by the MFA and was awarded by the Federation of International Periodical Publishers (FIPP) as the ‘leading research project undertaken by an individual publisher’ in 2011. 

Pacific Magazines has undertaken BAM studies across their key titles in the portfolio.  Results are comparable between titles, executions and over time. Since 2010, Pacific Magazines has produced over 2,400 individual advertising BAM results

Australia’s Biggest Health Check

Australia’s Biggest Health Check (ABHC) is a nationwide study conducted amongst Australians aged 15 or over, providing an in-depth look at the lifestyle behaviours and attitudes shaping the health of Australians today. 

ABHC launched in 2010, with the inaugural survey involving input from health experts in key fields such as cardiology, Oncology and GP.  In the first two years of ABHC, over 50,000 completed responses were received.

I Feel Beautiful

I Feel Beautiful was a partnership between Pacific Magazines and Priceline.  It leveraged magazines’ unique ability to inspire women with a comprehensive study which looked at the characteristics and attributes that define beauty amongst Australian women, with responses collected from over 10,000 Australian women in 2011.

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