Genie - Bring Magazines to life!

Use the GENIE app to access related content straight from pages in your favourite magazines. You can watch videos, scroll through picture galleries, enter into competitions, participate in polls and much more! All right from the page! Look for the GENIE logo (left) in your favourite magazines. When you see it just follow these two simple steps:



  1. Download the free GENIE app on your Apple or Android device.
  2. Launch the app and hold the phone camera steady, 10 - 18 cm (4 - 7 inches) away from the indicated content (remember you are scanning an image on the page not the icon above).
  3. Wait for your phone to vibrate and Presto!

You can now watch related videos, scroll through picture galleries and much much more!

For more information on GENIE please refer to our FAQ page.


GENIE is a digital watermark reader. Digital watermarks are imperceptible digital codes that can easily be embedded into printed content; you can’t see them, but your phone can. So watch out for GENIE symbol (above). When you see it launch the app and hold the phone camera steady, 10 – 18 cm (4 – 7 inches) away from the indicated content. You can also use GENIE to scan QR codes.

Look out for the GENIE symbol (above) in your favourite Australian magazines:

  • Better Homes and Gardens
  • Famous
  • marie Claire
  • Who
  • Girlfriend
  • Men’s Health
  • Women’s Health
  • New Idea
  • In style


Scan the pictures below; just follow the simple instructions above. Scan the lamp shade to watch Better Homes and Gardens’ craft editor, Julia Matthews show you an easy way to cover your lampshade and brighten up your home!

Or scan the picture of Rihanna below and watch her performance on Saturday Night Live!